“What did I screw up this time?” is a common attitude among Supervisors. Making mistakes is part of what leaders do. We consistently try different approaches until we find success. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, however several of you do not learn from previous failures. Mistakes are made but the lessons are not applied in order to learn and grow as a leader. The reason could be that you are not held accountable for results. Your manager/boss does not provide you with timely feedback or with any feedback at all. You are thrown to the wolves to figure it out.

The following are common mistakes that supervisors make on a daily basis.  Maybe, these are mistakes you are not aware you were making. Maybe, you were never trained to do any of these activities in the first place. Maybe, you are just new to the job of the Supervisor. Whatever situation you find yourself in making any of these mistakes, today is a new day. Will you commit to avoid mistakes?

  1. Does not set a clear plan for resources to be used
  2. Does not schedule work to fully load staff
  3. Does not train staff accordingly
  4. Does not set clear expectations.
  5. Does not communicate and provide timely feedback
  6. Does have a weekly goal
  7. Does not coach leaders to fill the role of a supervisor
  8. Does not walk the floor consistently to check on the team to remove barriers
  9. Does not understand the performance KPI’s of the department
  10. Does not have a long term training plan
  11. Does not have a start of shift meeting
  12. Does not have a meeting with Manager to discuss goals
  13. Does not root cause issue for problem-solving
  14. Does not know the top issues of the department


Now that you know the common mistakes that supervisor make, what will you differently to avoid these mistakes?

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