Do you have gaps in your current

Management in Training Program? 

Being a Manager or Front Line Leader is a tough job and a very important one. Not just anyone can fill that role. Only a select few can do what needs to be done through the cooperation of the team. I know it is important for your Managers or Front Linder Leaders to have the right management training as they fill the role.

But, here is what happens with the training

OJT (On the Job Training) does not work

OJT is very much dependent ofn the skills of the person delivering the training. There is not regimented apporach on how managers are trained. In many cases, MIT indivuduals have to figure it out.

Mentoring provides minimal support

Mentoring is good option as an “after action” converstation but does not provide real time obervation and feedback to good or bad behaviors exhibited.

Training is not focused on Results

While many Management in Training programs provides the basic management skills and aware it relies on field experience.

Here is how Management Academy can help

Partner for a complete Management in Training Program

If you are an organization that cannot provide a full-length Management Training program, we can help. We will partner with you to create and implement a full-length management training problem focused on results.

If you have a MIT program, we can add specific online courses

If you have a current Management in Training program but missing some pieces, let us help in closing that gap. We can provide specific online courses and coaching that focuses on driving results in your organization.

Our Approach

Phase I


Phase II


Phase III


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