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New – Report Summary : State of the American Manager recently published a report called State of the Amercian Manager which includes details around why managers are failing in their role. But you will not believe why this is happening. Download the Summary Version of this report that we have created. Thanks...
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How to rank your employees without ranking them

Ranking employees in the workplace is part of determining who is good and who needs help. As a new manager,  I remember spending days agonizing the process of ranking my leaders. I was new to the role with little training and had to figure it out. Getting started was...
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The one thing you can do to check if your communication is working

  As a manager, our fundamental tool to get things done is communication. All day we communicate either by email, voice, hand signals, body language, gestures, eye rolling, big sighs, little sighs, body order, you name it the list can go on and on. This is how we...
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My take on “10 daily habits of highly effective managers”

"Form great habits and become their slaves" -Tony Robbins  Following a daily routine in how you manage can make or break you as a manager. The role of a manager is a very demanding role but yet very rewarding. You can make a direct impact on the culture of your...
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Podcast #1 : Introduction to Management Academy

Welcome to our very first podcast on Management Academy. We are excited to begin talking about the things that matter most at work. That is "feeling" good about what you are doing and producing results. Listen to the podcast and tell me what you think....
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FREE Webinar: Engage employees by using a problem solving system.

  Engaging employees daily can be a tough part of your job. You have to keep your personal relationship with the employee in balance while keeping him/her focus on the goal. It is a balancing act which involves contact tweaking to ensure the words you used are...
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14 mistakes made by supervisors on a daily basis

“What did I screw up this time?” is a common attitude among Supervisors. Making mistakes is part of what leaders do. We consistently try different approaches until we find success. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, however several of you do not learn from...
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What does “good” look like?

Do you know what “good” look like? While driving home at the end of your shift, how do you know you have a “good” day? What are some of the attributes of having a “good” day at work? What does “bad” look like? Do you know the difference? I have been part of many...
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10 management skills that every supervisor should develop and master

The role of a supervisor is to the most critical job in any organization. They typically control 80% of the resources between labor and material.  The more effective they become as leaders, the less cost they incur because of mistakes causing lost time. The following...
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5 Habits of Great Supervisors

Can you recall a bad supervisor you had once before? How did you feel going to work?  Was the bad supervisor on your ass for no reason at all. You kept thinking that one day when you become a supervisor, you will do things differently. At the same time, you may also...
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